Agile Kitchen Certificates

The participants of the Agile Kitchen agility workshops have the opportunity to receive one of three certificates. With the certificate, the owners receive proof that, in addition to theoretical knowledge, they also have practical experience with agile methods.
The special feature of the Agile Kitchen certificates is that not only Scrum Master and Product Owner, but also team members and managers can receive a specific certification to prove their agile competencies.

Agile Kitchen Associate

Agile Kitchen Associates are distinguished by their ability to act as an effective member of an agile team. They master the theoretical basics and practical core competencies of the Scrum methodology. Participants of the workshops Agile Kitchen “Core” and Agile Kitchen “Team” receive this certificate.

Agile Kitchen Leader

Agile Kitchen Leaders not only understand the entire agile process, they are also able to address environmental impacts and ensure the long-term success of agile practices in companies and organizations. This agile leadership certificate is awarded to participants of the Agile Kitchen “Broad” workshop.

Agile Kitchen Master

The Agile Kitchen Master certificate shows that the owner is prepared to fill the role as Scrum Master or Product Owner. Agile Kitchen Masters can also accompany team members and other stakeholders in the agile transformation. Prerequisite is a successful completion of the workshop Agile Kitchen “Plus“.

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