The “Extension” workshops offer the opportunity to establish agility in the long term in your own company and in everyday working life. As an extension of the Agile Kitchen concept, the “Extension” starts after experiencing and learning agility in the Core, Team, Broad and Plus modules. The extension workshops focus on different aspects to deepen and consolidate the content that has been identified as relevant. A special focus is on team development and the anchoring of agility in the company.

Team Coaching

The aim of team coaching is to develop the participants with a view to their behaviour and impact in the team. The focus is on the overall performance of the team as well as on the behaviour of individual team members. The workshop is therefore particularly suitable for complete teams that already work together agilely.

  • How is the group dynamic developed?
  • How does communication work in a team?
  • What are the stumbling blocks?
  • Where does friction occur and with what consequences?
  • Are there fundamental conflicts of objectives?

Transformation Management

An in-depth understanding of agility opens up new opportunities for starting and developing business transformation into a future-oriented company. To this end, we accompany companies on a long-term basis with individually tailored formats and processes.

  • What are the components of a transformation?
  • Where should the company develop into?
  • What conclusions can be drawn from the Agile Kitchen for the transformation to a future-oriented company?

Scaled Agile Framework

In the Scaled Agile Framework process, the next steps are worked out to scale agility in the company. In this process, not only the one-time introduction is important, but also the individually tailored and sustainable anchoring in the company.

  • How can the Scrum method be rolled out on a larger scale in a company?
  • How do I scale agility?
  • What role does communication and mindset play in this scaling process?
  • Where are the stumbling blocks?

Innovation Cell

For companies today it is more important than ever to be able to evaluate and recognize the success potential of an innovation at an early stage. The proven “Innovation Cell” method (well over 100 successfully developed business models) makes it possible to develop an innovation including a calculated business case within a very short time. Enablement in the area of agility and mindset development are core competencies of Agile Kitchen, which are used directly for the development of innovations with “Innovation Cell”.

  • With a proven method in eight days to a prototype incl. calculated business case
  • Real added value for your own business
  • Immediate visibility of transformation possibilities and effects
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