With our “Incubation”-Workshops we prepare the participants specifically for agility in different relevant areas. For this we start one step before the “actual” Agile Kitchen – and ideally before a company switches to agile processes. The workshops are designed in such a way that they can be booked as individual events or experienced directly in conjunction with the “Core” or “Team” module of Agile Kitchen.

Mindset Development

The relevant success factor for the introduction of new working methods, methods and organisational models is the individual mindset. What this personal attitude looks like in the individual and what criteria it should meet is often determined by the requirements of digital transformation. In this workshop, the participants develop a first important awareness for the mindset as a success factor and thus start specifically into the agile method development.

  • What are the dimensions of the digital mindset?
  • What significance do the individual dimensions have?
  • How can the mindset offer real added value?
  • How can the mindset be specifically developed?

Design Thinking

Creativity is an important form of mindset in transformation. With the help of the right methodology, every person is able to unfold his or her creative potential. A very popular and efficient method for activating creativity is Design Thinking. The approach contradicts the widespread opinion that a person is either creative or not.

  • Background information on the history of Design Thinking
  • The Five Phases of the Design Thinking Methodology
  • The first three phases are completed in practice with preparation for the Agile Kitchens

Get Digital

Digitisation is the main driver of change in the modern world of work and business. Due to its omnipresence, the term is now so emotionally charged and charged with content that it overwhelms many addressees. In our “Get Digital” workshop, we jointly develop the basic features of digitisation and digital transformation and enable the participants to enter the digital journey as individuals.

  • What is digitisation – and what is not?
  • What are the market shifts?
  • What is changing in the new world of work?
  • How do I manage to keep up with developments?
  • What tools are there and how can I use them effectively?


Where creativity has been recognised as a central characteristic of the mindset in transformation, appropriate methods are needed to release creative potential. In the agile process, it is essential to develop creative solutions for new challenges. In the TRIZ workshop the participants learn a very structured method to use their creativity in a targeted way.

  • Structured and practice-oriented creativity method
  • Insight into the theoretical basics
  • Derivations for the practice and passing through the method in practice
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