Locations for Agile Kitchen Workshops

Agile Kitchen can be used almost everywhere. In cooking schools and kitchens anyway. But also in event locations, meeting rooms or normal offices. If the weather is suitable, also outdoors.

Berlin | Hamburg | Cologne | Dusseldorf | Frankfurt | Munich | Nuernberg | Stuttgart | Zurich | Vienna | Your city

Mobile Kitchen

With our mobile kitchen we are super flexible. We don’t really need much more than a power supply and a few tables. And we can even bring them with us if necessary.

The rest is always there: From cooking equipment such as knives, pots and pans, cooking hobs, plates, cutlery and napkins to flipcharts, beamers and screens – we take all the necessary things with us. Without coordination and organisational effort.

Off-Site Locations

We have already held events in many very different locations, in beautiful and not so beautiful ones. Although it is not necessary for the success of the workshop, an appealing environment contributes to a positive experience.

You can choose your favourite offsite location without hesitation. We will also be happy to help you find the right location.

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