Agile Kitchen “Core” is the centerpiece of our innovative workshop concept: agile cooking in a team. In contrast to our various training formats (Scrum, Team, Broad, Plus), this is less about imparting knowledge and more about experiencing agile processes in the kitchen.

Contents & Learning Objectives

Participants experience the agile process from sprint planning to sprinting and the retrospective. In addition, they learn how self-organization works in a team, because they cook a dish based on a customer vision, which they develop themselves.

The focus of Agile Kitchen “Core” is on experiencing agility without in-depth knowledge transfer and is suitable as a taster session in agility or as an event with a high fun factor for the participating teams.

  • Roles: Product Owner, Team
  • Events: Sprint-Planning, Review & Retro
  • Basic Terms: From “Sprint” to “Product Backlog”

Target group

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to get to know agility, wants to get a taste of it with their team or is already an agile team and wants to experience agility in a new context with a focus on the fun factor.


Participants experience agility in practice and discover how teams can organize themselves better as a result.


3.5 hours







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