Agile Kitchen “Scrum” is the ideal introduction to the world of agile project management. Instead of a dry theory training, the participants experience directly what the methods and principles conveyed mean and achieve in practice.

Contents & Learning Objectives

Participants get to know the most important roles, events and artifacts of Scrum. The practical use of a Kanban board is a matter of course. Afterwards the experiences are reflected together and last but not least the successes are celebrated together.

  • Roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team
  • Events: Sprint Planning, Review & Retro
  • Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Product Increment
  • Mindset Impulses: agile manifest, time boxing, fault tolerance
  • Technical language: Central terms from “Sprint” to “Increment of potentially shippable functionality

Target Group

The workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to work in or with a Scrum team – team members, Scrum masters, product owners and managers.


The participants get to know the basics of Scrum and experience why agile project management is so successful in practice.


4.5 hours


Agile Coach and chef




Agile Kitchen Associate

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